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Lamb Main Courses

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  • Chettinadu Erachi Curry + £12.64

    Lamb cooked with onion, tomato, coconut chilies and mild gravy.

  • Erachi fry masala + £12.07

    Tender pieces of lamb slow cooked andgently marinated with crushed garlic,turmeric,dry chilly&black pepper

  • Erachi Mint Curry + £12.07

    Lamb with onion base, cooked with fresh lemon juice and mint sauce.

  • Erachi Potato + £11.84

    Lamb cooked with potato with onion base.

  • Erachi Spinach Curry + £12.07

    Lamb with onion base, cooked with fresh lemon juice and spinach.

  • Erachi ulathiyathu + £12.64

    Lamb cooked in a ways as never seen before presented dry deliciously spiced with peppers,coriander&chilly

  • Karikal meat curry + £11.03

    A very tasty dish made with lamb cubes red chilly,chopped tomato,garam masala onion,ginger, garlic,yogurt,coconut milk and coriander leaves

  • Keema peas + £9.77

    Ground meat cooked with spicy sauce&peas

  • Kudanthai Erachy Curry + £11.26

    The most common dish in Kudanthai.lamb cooked in pepper,masala,ginger,,coconut milk&yogurt

  • Meat malabar + £12.18

    Specially of kerala marayamangalam pieces of lamb cooked in a roasted coconut milk base with tomato,spicy & curryleaves

  • Pattinam erachy korma + £11.15

    The specially of T.R.Pattinam-lamb cookedwith garam masala,yogurt,cream & coriander leaves

  • Pepper Erachi + £12.07

    Lamb cooked in pepper gravy. Hot and spicy.



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